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My mother taught me at a very early age that we live in a society where people judge you by what they see. If  you were "polished" then you received more respect, admiration and you were worthy of being heard.  Being well groomed signified that you had dignity.


As I became an adult, it became more apparent to me that the early teachings of my mother holds true.  As I went about my daily life, I saw again and again examples of how the "polished" person was respected and the not so polished person wasn't taken seriously.


I'm sure you have heard, you only get one time to make a good first impression.  But, did you know that within that "one time" you only get about 30 seconds? That's right only 30 seconds to convince the person you are standing in front of that you are worthy.


An image assessement can help you present yourself in your best possible light.  Whether it be for a job interview, business, dating or you just need a change, we can help you communicate a message that is positive, poised, polished, professional, fun and approachable. Through a head to toe analysis of your person, undertones, fashion personality and a review of your goals (it's painless, I promise!) we can achieve a look that is tailored just for you and most of all something that you are comfortable with.


As I tell people who are on their quest to discovering their possibilities, you are unique and divine in your own skin.  It's not about changing you, but helping you define A New You.








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